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Majacraft "Rose" spinning wheel
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The "Rose" spinning wheel.

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The "Rose" combines many of the best attributes of both the "Suzie" and the "Saxonie" into one fabulous spinning wheel.

Majacraft's Rose spinning wheel is a double pedal, heel and toe treadling, wheel that builds on the extremely popular "Suzie" model, and with a larger new spoked flywheel it has even more speed than the Saxonie.

The "Rose" comes with 2 whorls, a standard one that gives 5 basic speed ratios starting at 6 to 1 and tops at 19 to 1, and the second whorl gives you a slower set of 5 speed ratios starting at 4.25 to 1 and tops at 15 to 1. These are actual, real world figures.

The speeds are changed by moving the stretchy drive belt from one groove into another, and if needed, changing the whorl is quite simple.

It has ball bearings in the flywheel and spinning head so there is no oiling of these parts needed, ever.

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It uses Majacraft's light weight plastic bobbins (as do all of the other models) (you can boil cotton right on the bobbin to set the twist), and comes with both the standard "Delta" flyer and the "cotton spinner's" flyer assembly.

Like the Saxonie, there are no built in bobbin holders for extra bobbins. A wooden "bobbin carrier" box (usable as a make do Lazy Kate) is supplied to keep 3 bobbins and some of your other "stuff" under control.

It uses the same pinch and move flyer hooks as the "Suzie", these are quite easy to move, allowing you to fill any spot on the bobbin.

The body is made of native New Zealand Rimu wood (distinctive reddish brown) and the flywheel has turned wood spindles.

A carved rose now blooms on the upright in front of you. )

The flywheel is made of a wood grain finished composite material so it should not warp and should run very true.

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The body is made of native New Zealand Rimu wood (distinctive reddish brown) and the flywheel has turned wood spindles.

The alternating pedals are set at a comfortable angle to the floor, so you can spin for long periods of time.

This wheel has a Scotch tension brake and flyer lead.

Just like the Suzie", this spinning wheel can be adjusted very easily for right or left handed spinning. The spinning head can be shifted to either side for extremely comfortable "long draw", to shift your spinning position during extended spinning sessions ( a real help for those with a weak back), and a built in carry handle pops up when the spinning head is shifted all the way over.

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We see one minor mechanical detraction with this new design: there is barely adequate and limited finger space in the hand hole when lifting the wheel.

Majacraft "Rose" profileWe think that the new styling is an excellent blending of modern and traditional designs, and that Majacraft has created a beautiful wheel that is also a true "work horse".

At a little over 15 lb. it is solid and stable but still easy to carry.


Sealed (no oiling required) ball bearings, Excellent styling, Beautiful rich Red-Brown Rimu wood, Adjusts to fit the spinner (instead of the other way around), Comfortable true double pedal--double treadle action, Built in carrying handle, 2 whorls for a wide range of speeds, 2 flyers to cover a huge range of fibers, Bobbin carry box, Currently shipped with 4 bobbins, and

It is priced under the competition.


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