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Dec. 2,  2018 "Tracy" spindles

We have moved to a new farm and I am currently working on a new Spindle Workshop.

Hand Spindle production will begin again later this spring.  We will be attending several wool festivals this year so look for me.


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.......I have been making drop spindles since 1997 (except for a 2 year period when we were moving the farm and did not have a workshop) and have made and sold around 3000 spindles.  My spindles have been sent to England, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Nederlands, Canada, Alaska, Falkland Islands, Australia, Hawaii, and to almost every state in the US.

.... Compliments

....... Production spindles --- The "Hearts" and "Comets" spindles are made from extremely durable multi-ply Baltic Birch plywood, scroll-sawn by hand and turned on a lathe.

.......  The "Fancy" spindles are made by scroll sawing an image into very thin Baltic Birch and then laminating it with Walnut to provide contrast and mass for a long lasting spin.   See Whorls for "Fancy" spindle construction details.

....... By the way, the spindle images are cut by hand. Some people think they are laser cut. There is no computer involved.     http://www.woollydesigns.com/7

....... Below are pictures that will take you to pages with larger images, and more details. Each page takes an average of 30 seconds to fully load.

production-spindles_thumb.jpg (3362 bytes)

Production spindles $25.00
"Hearts" and "Comets" spindles.
Weights from about 2.4 ounce down to
about an ounce..

Fancy spindles

Fancy (several designs) $35.00 to $50.00
Weights from 1 to slightly less than 2 oz.

DRAGONS are now
also available as a "Rim Style"

 Nhewyt's Dragon spindle (click here)

Sneak Peek Sneak Peek at some designs in the works
(these are not yet ready to be "for sale").

Fancy spindle's whorl construction information.

(Price...Plus one charge for Priority mail,  for up to 5 spindles, production or fancy, mix or match)


E-mail Tracy

for quantities and availability and ordering instructions.

Subject line: Spindles

........ My name is Tracy Eichheim (spelled with 2 "H"s).  "Eichheim" comes from the two German words "Eiche" (oak) and "Heim" (home).  Bloggers often mis-spell Eichheim as "Eicheim" or "Eicham" or "Eichem" or "Eichhem".  This information is included to ease those who are Googling for my name and Spindles.

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