Japanese Braiding
This is Majacraft's information sheet on Kumihimo.

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Sets include - stand, boxed set of 8 X 70 gm. bobbins and Beginner's Guide to Kumihimo by Anne Percival

Majacraft Kumihimo Equipment:

Majacraft handcraft Kumihimo equipment is models to suit both beginners and more experienced artists.  We individually hand turn each Marudai in our workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand, and use the same exacting standards we employ when manufacturing our spinning wheels.  When you buy Majacraft you know you are buying quality.

A short history of Japanese braiding

Silk braiding was introduced into Japan in the 7th Century.  The braids were used for tying scrolls, fastening clothing and in cultural activities. Many different braids were used to fasten the small leather plates of Samurai armour.

After the Samurai were abolished in the mid 19th Century, the braids were used principally for obi (sash) ties and this continues today.

The art of Japanese braiding was a closely guarded secret until quite recent times, but it is now in practice in the Western work, where there is less restriction from tradition in the choice of designs and materials.

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