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This model has been discontinued.  Parts and service are still available and will be for the foreseeable future.

This page remains active to assist spinners needing information about this past model.

"But it looks like a Chair!"  This seems to be the first thought when you first see a picture of the new "Millie".

And then you look again, and you begin to see the exquisite styling, and it's small size.  Then you realize it is a true double treadle spinning wheel, and you begin to appreciate the craftsmanship and engineering that has gone into this little marvel.

The "Millie" is the smallest member of the Majacraft spinning wheels, but will work shoulder to shoulder with it's other big sisters.  Newly designed from the ground up, this spinning wheel is a robustly featured, mighty little power house.   Weighing a little over 12 pounds, it sports 5 primary speed ratios starting at a slow 4.1 to 1 and steps up to a top speed of just shy of 12 to 1.

Using the same "Boilable" bobbins, screw on flyer, pinch and move flyer loops, "no oiling" sealed ball bearings and stretchy drive belt material as all the other Majacraft spinning wheel, the "Millie" has the smoothness and virtual lack of maintenance that have become Majacraft's hallmark.

"But it looks like a Chair!"  And then you stop to think:

What could be more stable than the shape of a chair?  Especially if you hang the treadles under the "seat", between the legs. As you push down on the treadle, you are planting the wheel's frame more solidly, because all of your force is between the 4 legs, giving the spinning wheel an unusually "solid" feel.

Millie2T.jpg The "Millie" now starts to look more and more like a wonderfully engineered, highly styled, marvelous spinning wheel, that is a little "chair shaped".   It is easy and comfortable to spin, it's treadles are set at the proper height and angle to limit leg and ankle strain.  It's spinning "orifice" height is right in the middle of it's big sister's range giving it a "big" and comfortable feel.

Millie and Majacraft Saxonie spinning wheels (Size1.jpg ) Small enough to take with you to work, stylish enough to keep next to your desk at the office, fits into your camper trailer with room to spare, this is the spinning wheel you have been wishing for! 

To the left, the "Millie" can be seen in comparison with the Majacraft "Saxonie"

The absolutely wonderful fact it that Majacraft has been able to produce this spinning wheel so it can be sold as their lowest priced model.

These spinning wheels have been assembled in New Zealand, test spun, and then shipped to you "Partially Assembled".

More pictures and information.

wpe45.jpg (8167 bytes)Nov. 22, '99 After 2 days of spinning on the Millie at a craft fair, Jean found only one problem.  The bolt that attaches the upright stem to the "deck" had worked loose and was the cause of some vibration.  Tightening the bolt cured the problem.  Jean (at 5 ft. 10 inches of height), spinning in a confined space (smaller than some closets), sitting on a small chair, found the experience comfortably pleasant.  All in all, she gives the Millie a big "thumbs up".

Interesting side note: After spinning for 2 days, sitting on a folding chair, Jean noted that her back felt better than it had for quite some time, and cancelled her appointment with the chiropractor.  Because of the spinning wheel legs, you can not "sprawl" with your feet, but spin with your knees together.  The improved posture combined with the gentle exercise proved to be a winner.  Now she says "When my back hurts (from taking care of the sheep), I'm going to go spin on the Millie".

pinkdot.gif (930 bytes) .... Oct. 20, '99 Majacraft has set the "Suggested U.S. Retail Price" at $375, but that may change due to an impending increase in freight costs. Please contact me for current prices and availability .... pinkdot.gif (930 bytes)

We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, (all payable in U.S. Dollars) for all purchases.   We will only accept "Paypal" to pay for purchases of less than $10.00. 

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