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........ We stock most of the accessories for the Majacraft Spinning wheels and can get them to you quickly.

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smallnew.gif (926 bytes)"Stylus":

Converts your Maja into a "Spin off of the Point" or "Quill" spinning wheel. More information here.  This set is *normally* available as the Quill and either one or two special small bobbins.


Wool Combs:

Majacraft now makes a wonderful set of wool combs. (Note these are NOT hand cards).  The wool combs are available as either single or double row.

Pictures when I get time. $.PRICE.$

Brass Diz

Polished brass Diz.  Used to thin roving, blend fibers, or make multicolored roving.  3 different diameter holes. Smooth and easy to hold.


Lazy kate:

There is a picture and more information at the bottom of this page to show you how it looks and how it works.

Excellent device with a string and spring brake to keep the bobbins from over spinning when you ply off, and stainless steel yarn guides to keep the strands under control.

Notice:  Maja's "Jumbo bobbins" (supplied individually or with the plying set, or the "Wild flyer", will not work in the standard Lazy Kate.  The large flanges of the bobbin strike the 'cup hooks' between the bobbin rods.

April 2007 New Lazy Kate:

 New Lazy Kate.jpg (14216 bytes) Maja is now making a new Lazy Kate that can be used with all Maja bobbins including the Jumbo bobbins. Unfortunately it is half again more expensive than the standard Kate.  $.PRICE.$

Bigger image, More information   Takes about 30 seconds.


All Majacraft Standard Bobbins are about 3 1/2 inch in diameter, have an approx. 3/4 inch core and are about 4 1/2 inch in over all length, and generally hold somewhere between 4 and 6 ounces of spun fiber.

Bigger image, same words Takes about 4 seconds.

A.....The Old style wooden end bobbins (Approx. 4 ounce) were phased out several years ago, however, because of their thick Rimu wood ends, (they are quieter than the new bobbins) and the replaceable bushings, they are still quite serviceable.

B.....The standard Plastic Bobbins (Approx. 3.5 ounce) that are supplied with each spinning wheel, are composed of a high temperature plastic material that allows the bobbin to be submerged in boiling water, (to set the twist on Cotton), or in dye baths, (however, even with the water circulation holes in the core, I doubt you will get an even dying, but then again you might get some real interesting effects) and if you like to spin in the grease, you can easily clean up your plastic bobbins with hot soapy water. They are light and quite responsive. The only down side, is a slight singing of the brake string on the thin plastic. $.PRICE.$

C.....The new optional Tara wood bobbins (Approx. 2.5 ounce) are aimed at those who want a turned wooden bobbin. They are quite light and well made.They feature two bobbin brake string grooves to give an even finer brake adjustment.The first ones had a problem with the plastic bearings, but Majacraft has since gone to a new and better bearing. Please note that the flange edges are very thin and as such may not stand up to rough handling. This is a pretty bobbin, made of Tara wood, with a waxed finish. $.PRICE.$

Jumbo Plying set:

A new Jumbo bobbin and Plying flyer is now available.  It will fit all Maja spinning wheels with the following warnings..... you need to use a special bobbin brake string adjusting knob when used with the Little Gem, and the flyer does not work comfortably on the Saxonie because the flyer is a 'delta' wire and not a cotton flyer type.

Please note that the Jumbo bobbin is too large a diameter to mount on the Majacraft Lazy Kate. The bobbin flange hits the 'cup hook' between the rods.  While you can use the Jumbo flyer with your standard plastic bobbins, you can NOT use the Jumbo bobbins with your Standard flyers.  The bobbin will not fit between the arms of the standard flyer.


Compare the bobbin sizes- Jumbo, Standard, Lace and Tarra wood
Lace Kit Compare Lace and cotton flyer

Supplied with 2 fat core bobbins a special smaller diameter flyer and "E-system" flyer loop.

You can not use the Lace flyer with your standard bobbins. The fat core bobbins are wooden core and wooden flange and replacements cost the same as the turned wood Tara bobbins.


Flyers: Bigger images, same words

Cotton FlyerCotton and Standard Flyer Standard Flyer

The Cotton Flyer (or Fine Fiber Flyer) uses a small tube to give extra support to fine fibers, and unlike the standard flyer, generally requires you to use a yarn hook to thread the orifice. Below is the cotton flyer in use. $.PRICE.$

Cotton flyers supplied after Jan. 98, will probably use brass fittings (instead of the machined steel), for a much "richer" look and feel.

Flyer hooks: Bigger image, same words

*** First loop is a Woolly Designs Exclusive ***..Plastic coated "Beginners" loop, (it helps over-twisted yarn get around the corner), next is a Jumbo loop, (will just pass a pencil), then a Standard Loop, (will just pass a drinking straw), and last is the Old style "J" which is just as wide as a wooden match. $.PRICE.$

Even though the old style "J" flyer hook had a tendency to "throw out" yarn and was not capable of passing larger yarn, it still has two advantages. It has less air resistance at high speeds, (slightly easier treadling) and (of greatest interest to spinners of fine yarn) it will fill the bobbin all the way to the far end of the bobbin.

Niddy Noddy: Bigger images, same words
......This is a 13 1/2 inch tall by 6 1/2 inch wide Niddy Noddy that is shaped vaguely like a dolphin. Made of 1/2 inch thick wood grained high density furniture grade particle board material, this Niddy Noddy is quick and easy to use, and stands on it's "tail" for storage. Makes a skein about 25 inch long, (50 inches around). $.PRICE.$

High Speed adapter:

Designed to replace the regular spinning head of a "Suzie", this accessory starts at about 12:1 and will jump the flyer ratio to a top of about 33:1. Supplied with a cotton flyer. We tested and evaluated one of the prototypes and found it to be "interesting", not for everyone, and not a magic solution to those who want great speed..$.PRICE.$

The feed back from our customers generally recommend it for spinning cotton or other fine short fiber, and indicate the same observation we had.... as the speed goes up, so does the effort required to treadle the spinning wheel.

Skeiner: Bigger image, same words

(A.) Small knob used to turn skeiner by hand. (B.) Long pin on which the yarn winds. (C.) 3 holes to change the diameter of the skein.

A wooden spider that screws onto the bobbin shaft in place of the flyer, so that when you treadle, it will wind on a skein from your lazy kate (on the floor). We do not use them, and have sold two, and one of the ladies who bought one says that she absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. $.PRICE.$

The skeiner has 7 pegs that can be pushed into one of three holes in each arm. Each peg gives about 3 to 3 1/2 inch of protrusion on which to wind the yarn. When all the pegs are in the middle hole, the skeiner makes a skein that is about 26 1/2 inches long. Majacraft's instruction sheet says that with the pegs in the outermost set of holes, that 34 turns equates to 50 meters of yarn. With the pegs in the middle holes , 34 turns equates to 50 yards, and that the innermost set of holes can be used to unwind a skein after it has been washed and shrunk a little.

Saxonie Conversion:

If you have one of the pre-1997 Saxonie wheels, and want to convert it to the super smooth treadling action of the New Saxonie's, you can.

Supplied with this kit are two new pedals (with hinges attached), two new pitman rods, a new double action flywheel crank with new bearings attached, two spacers to lift the mother-of-all, necessary bolts, and instructions. $.PRICE.$

While the standard kit will accommodate either handedness of the Saxonie, this kit can be ordered from NZ. specially made to fit Saxonies with the orifice on the right (it works better).

This kit will NOT make your wheel able to disassemble and reassemble like the New Saxonies will.

String and spring: $.PRICE.$

Packaged to give you a replacement for your worn brake string and over stretched spring. Two different springs are available, the "Currently" supplied spring, and a softer "Previous" spring. The "Previous" spring is excellent for the gentle but responsive adjustments for spinning silk, and other fine diameter yarns.

springs.jpg (18263 bytes) Click the picture to enlarge.

Mid range spring: $.PRICE.$

**** Exclusively from Woolly Designs ****
This spring fits  between the "currently" supplied spring, and the "previously" supplied spring. Where the starting tension of the "current" spring is a whopping 100 grams and the starting tension of the "previous" spring is 10 to 15 grams, this spring starts at 20 to 30 grams and can stretch to a total length of over 1 1/2 inches without damaging the spring.

Super slow Suzie whorl: $.PRICE.$

Use this on your Suzie to slow it down from 4 to 1 all the way down to a 3 to 1 ratio. Excellent for beginners or those wanting to spin larger, bulky yarns.

Dec. '98 Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) $.prices.$

Kumihimo (Japanese braiding)   Majacraft's newest addition.  I do not have any of these items in stock, so I can not give an opinion about them.  If you are interested in these, we can get them from Majacraft individually, in several different types of wood, and also as matched sets.   Please take a look at Majacraft's web site  for more information and pictures.

Majacraft's Lazy Kate $.PRICE.$

2 views of Lazy Kate

Notice the adjustable string brake to tension the bobbins and keep them from "over-running", the yarn guides, and the convenient angled bobbin rods, no need to assemble and disassemble the kate to install and remove the bobbins, as the bobbins slide easily onto the aluminum rods. The Kate sits solidly on the floor beside you, with two legs (which can fold in and under for storage).

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