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Because we purchase our inventory with New Zealand dollars, we must contend with the ever changing exchange rate between U.S. and N.Z. We maintain a set profit for each spinning wheel. When the exchange rate moves against the U.S., we charge more for each spinning wheel. When the rate moves in our favor, we charge less, passing the savings on to you, and that is why our prices float up and down.

Here is a "Yahoo" chart showing what has been happening during the last two years and you will see why all Majacraft products have been going up.  In late 2002 it took about $.50 to purchase one NZ dollar.  As of Nov. 26, '04 it took about $.72 to purchase one NZ Dollar! This means that we are paying almost 50% more for each Majacraft item JUST BECAUSE OF THE EXCHANGE RATE!

Items shipped from New Zealand take 2 to 4 weeks. The absolute quickest has been 8 days for a small package.

Items shipped from inventory in Colorado normally take from 3 to 5 working days for delivery.

The following prices are quoted as of Sept. 2010 and are subject to change without notice. soapbox #6


From New Zealand

From Colorado,
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Suzie with Wood look wheel Contact me for your best price
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Currently Updating.

Please check back later.

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..........Please note: Send us your Zip code so we can calculate the shipping cost.

We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, (all payable in U.S. Dollars) for all purchases.   We will only accept "Paypal" to pay for purchases of less than $10.00. 

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