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Ashford Adapter
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This page has been created by scanning an original Majacraft information sheet.  The words following the pictures have been electonically converted from the scanning for ease of reading.

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(OCR -Optical Charactor Recognition- words from scanned paper)


Here is a spinning aid which fits most Ashford wheels, we think it will enable you to do things you have never done before. It has an increased bobbin capacity of 44% over the standard. The bobbin is moulded of high temperature materials and may be immersed in water or other fluids, the center section has holes to encourage the diffusion of fluids into the yarn. Spin or ply on to the bobbin and without removing your yarn immerse it in water up to boiling point to set twist and to set dyes. It is a lightweight bobbin and accurate, smooth, effective and time saving. Together with a five ratio whorl to suit most fibres and a single hook flyer feed, this whole unit will save you time and give you pleasure.

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October 30, 1999 (5).jpg (762393 bytes)

(OCR words from scanned paper)


You will receive in this kit a Majacraft flyer unit incorporating a five ratio whorl, three Super bobbins (Majacraft patent), one stretchy drive band, a spare curtain eye, a braided tension cord, a stainless steel tension spring and the patent butterfly bobbin feed hook ....

1. Remove the original flyer, whorl, bobbin, drive band, tension cord and spring.

2. Place the new drive band loosely round the main wheel and proceed to join the two ends of the heat sensitive band as follows:

(a) hold the two ends together parallel to each other and heat them on the edge of a small flame, a gas type cigaret lighter works well.
(b) as the ends melt and before they burn, remove the flame and join the ends together end to end with a light pressure. As the joint sets. roll it between the fingers to make it smooth. Leave to cool for five minutes before fitting.

3. Fit the new flyer with a Majacraft Super bobbin and fit the assembly to the wheel placing the new drive band over the whorl as you do so.

4. Install the tension cord and spring as shown in the sketch on the reverse side of the page, this is the correct method for clockwise or Z rotation. Uncross the tension cord for anti clockwise or S rotation. Bobbin rotation must result in the tension cord "pulling" upon the tension peg and not upon the tension spring.

5. Feed the fiber as illustrated in sketch A1, you may wish to try the method illustrated in sketch A2 for very fine fibers.

The Majacraft Super bobbin is of optimum size, big enough to hold a sensible amount of yarn, big enough to minimise bobbin changes and small enough to present a reasonable load to the spinner, we know that it is the right size for you.

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