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Cats and Sheep. (Dec. '99)

Without cats, a farm is quickly over-run with mice and rats.  We have several "outside" cats who do a good job at doing their job of keeping the rodent population in check.  They patrol the hay barns, hunt in the pastures, and protect the sacks of grain.

Cats interact with the sheep to different degrees, ranging from total indifference to absolute infatuation.

hi_guy2.jpg (16015 bytes)hi_guy3.jpg (16477 bytes)hi_guy4.jpg (10046 bytes)

"Hi guy" (above) lives in one of the hay barns near the big Rams, and specializes in catching mice between the bales.  He is on friendly terms with the rams and tolerates their curiosity.
renegade.jpg (22138 bytes) "Renegade" lives in the small hay barn next to the ewes, and generally avoids all contact with the sheep, treating them with great indifference.
"Fidget" is totally in love with the sheep and shows up to watch over them and generally becomes a pest when ever we need to catch the sheep up to work with them.. fidget1.jpg (18047 bytes)

Below you can see her "making bread" (kneading) on the top of a sheep's head.  She is almost in a trance, purring and slobbering.  You can say she is absoluely in love with the sheep.  You can find more pictures of "Fidget" and the sheep in Sheep Tales # 11 .

fidget3.jpg (63974 bytes)
KittyMamma.jpg (17101 bytes)

Kitty Momma basks in the early morning sunlight.  She will occasionally perch on a gate post, watching the sheep intently while slowly swishing her tail, but enters their pen only to drink from their automatic waterer.

"Hardway" wants to be a 'house cat' and has almost nothing to do with the sheep. Hardway.jpg (2689 bytes)

This is Page # 5

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