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Ah, the joys of Motherhood! (Jan, '99 )

All of the ewes are shorn about a month before they "lamb" so that they will have a short fleece, and WANT to go into the barns to have their lambs during the cold weather.  If the ewes are not shorn and are too hot to go into the barns, they want to give birth out in the cold, often with fatal consequences for the babies.  As you look at these pictures, imagine what they would look like if these "ladies" had that extra 6 to 12 inches of width because of the fleece.

This has been a very warm winter so far,  here in Colorado, so on this bright and sunny day in early January, I took a few "sheep shots".   Most are of these sheep are "older" Navajo Churro ewes.

Yes, I know your pregnancy was uncomfortable, but take a look at these wide load "Mamma"s:

"Desperate" "Gem" "Amber"
Preg-1.jpg "Wide Load" Preg-2.jpg "Oh, My!" Preg-3.jpg "Heavy"

I know it was very uncomfortable for you, trying to find a resting position, and I am sure at times you felt like this:

"Desperate" " 330 "
Preg-4.jpg "Flatten Momma" Preg-5.jpg "Sloshing"

And sometimes your back would hurt and you would get that "Sinking" feeling:

" Fraidy Cat "

Preg-6.jpg "Hammock of Bricks"

Ah, the joys of Motherhood!

Fpix3-2.jpg "Proud Mesis"
"Mesis" and "Fu Man Chu"

Fpix3-1.jpg "Asleep in the Sun shaft"
" 940's twins"

Fpix3-3.jpg "Drowsy baby"
"Cris's little girl"

   And many more to come .......

This is Page # 3

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Thanks for dropping by, more pictures later.

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