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Ah, Lambs, bless their wide eyed innocence.  (Jan '99)

Lambs are tiny blank slates, waiting for life to write a story.  On their feet within minutes of being born, bouncing within hours, jumping and playing within a day, their life is a cycle of eat, play, sleep, and grow.

Trusting, and wary, bold or timid, quiet or raucous,
sometimes graceful, sometimes clumsy,
but almost always teetering on the verge of stupidity ......

They are adorable.

They are "all legs",  mvc-254f.jpg Legs

mvc-238f.jpg "Curious" They are curious,

mvc-251f.jpg "Sweet" Sweet and innocent.  mvc-227f.jpg "Innocent"

Whether they are ......

mvc-264f.jpg "Alert" Wide awake, mvc-256f.jpg "Awake"

     mvc-243f.jpg "Sleeping"  or napping.  wpe4.jpg "Nap"

Bless the little lambs,
and the Mothers who watch over them!

 mvc-261f.jpg "Comfort"

This is Page # 4

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