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Silver and Polymer Clay Charm Jewelry
Polymer Clay Charm Jewelry

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Goat Earrings

These Goat earrings are made of Polymer clay with a bright glossy finish. Unless noted, all French ear wires are Sterling silver.

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Painted or colored Polymer clay

  1jean87.jpg (6722 bytes) #87 Tan Clay.
$15.00 per pair.
 1jean66.jpg (9963 bytes)  #66
Painted Black,
Silver plated French ear wire, with silver plated bead and wire coil.
$15.00 per pair.
1jean73.jpg (9686 bytes)  #73 White
$15.00 per pair
207 #217
$15.00 per pair
210 #210
Delicate blue bows
$15.00 per pair

Metallic Polymer clay

  1jean31.jpg (76873 bytes)#31 Metallic Copper clay. Surgical steel ear wires, with copper bead and coil.
$15.00 per pair. 
1jean68.jpg (13349 bytes)  #68 Metallic Antique Bronze clay, Custom designed Sterling French ear wires with a bronze glass bead.
$18.00 per pair.
1jean80.jpg (11461 bytes)   #80 Metallic Copper clay. Surgical steel ear wires, with copper bead, coil and jump ring.
$15.00 per pair. 
1jean84.jpg (10160 bytes)  #84 Metallic Antique Gold clay, Custom designed Sterling French ear wires with a antique gold glass bead.
$18.00 per pair.
1jean94.jpg (9223 bytes)  #94Metallic Silver clay.
Price $15.00 per pair

All of the above are available as a Pendant on a Sterling Silver 18 inch necklace chain or silver plated charm bracelet. Please ask for prices.


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Silver Charms
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Carved stone

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Plant Pals
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