"Solar System" Drop Spindles

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Shrink the entire Solar System until the Earth is 1/10 inch (0.100").
Drill a precision hole for each planet while keeping all the planets in size proportion,
Add all of the moons that are larger than Pluto,

And you have a "Solar System" spindle!

solar system spindle by Tracy Eichheim
Earth is marked with a golden brass pin.

"Hollow whorl" construction like the "Dragon" and the "Stars and Moons"

The spindle is right around 4 inches in diameter, made of a sandwich of Baltic Birch and a Walnut ring, these spindles have a huge amount of spin time and power.

Solar System spindle Solar System spindle

All of these moons are in scale and proportion to the planets:

Planets and moons on the spindle

One of the surprise to me, was to find out exactly how tiny Pluto (no longer classified as a planet) actually is:
Pluto by the yarn notch 
Pluto is the smallest hole on the whorl (drilled with a 0.018" bit).  It is MUCH smaller than our Earth's moon!

These spindles are coming out between 1.7 and 2.0 ounces and are priced at $75 each (plus Priority mail) with each one being made "just for you" by Tracy Eichheim.

Take the Solar System for a spin!  It's "Out-of-this-world"!



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