"Nhewyt's Dragon" Drop Spindles

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The Dragon spindle is made with two sheets of 1/8 inch thick Baltic Birch and a ring of 1/4 inch thick Walnut wood, making the whorl roughly 1/2 inch thick.

Dragon1-601.jpg (43590 bytes)

This makes the whorl quite sturdy but still "Hollow" and concentrates the weight around the rim.

Cut Dragon whorl.jpg (26821 bytes) Dragon Inches1.jpg (23625 bytes)

With a diameter of 4 inches it weighs the same as a 3.4 inch "Comets" but has much more 'spin' because of the diameter.

Dragon1-110.jpg (36342 bytes) Dragon1-594.jpg (50029 bytes) Dragon1-598.jpg (50715 bytes) Dragon1-111.jpg (40747 bytes)

Available in both Top and Bottom whorl models.  Weight has been running between 1.6 and 1.8 ounces The two center clickable pictures show how you can see all the way through the whorls.

I have been getting reports that the spindle spins a much finer diameter yarn than you would expect from a spindle of this weight and that it "Spins like it has a motor in it!"

Price is $65 each plus Priority mail.

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