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May 2014, Top whorl, 1.2 ounce wide whorl, half-rim style

Dear Tracy,

I meant to write to you a couple of weeks ago and tell you that the spindle arrived, that that it is a wonderful object! I love it. It spins forever, and is so simple and beautiful. I love the extra wide whorl too - good for storing large cops!

Many thanks indeed for your fantastic workmanship.

All the best,

<signed>  Spindler from Down-Under

Permission granted by Rachael in Australia

Nov. 2013 Top whorl 1.9 ounce Solar System spindle

Hi Tracy,

My special package arrived the day before Christmas, but I waited to open it until all the holiday chaos of visiting and food and laundry died down :->

I was drawn to your solar system spindle by online pictures, but the pictures did not prepare me for the stunning elegance of this spindle. Took my breath away. Your workmanship on this unique design is marvelous, and it spins with such energy! I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much for the care you put into the making and for your delightful e-mails as I waited.


Used with permission from Lorraine in California.

Oct. 2013 Overlay Lizard 1.3 ounce and Rim style Kokopelli 1.3 ounce

Oh Tracy,

Kokopelli and the Lizard arrived today! Yeah, I've only had a chance to spin on the Kokopelli so far but let me tell you it far exceeds my expectations! What a long spin time and so smooth, I don't know how you do it but I have never spun on a spindle with a longer spin time, and I have several (well known spindles), a (another well known spindle) and others but yours are by far the longest spin! Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Permission granted by  Karen  from New York

March 2013, Top whorl Comet 1.0 ounce

I received my comet production spindle, yesterday. I LOVE it!

I want to let you know just why I love it:

The 3.5 inch whorl:
How you manage to achieve that size whorl at 1 ounce weight is a true mark of spindle making mastery. I really like larger whorl spindles. This spindle has such a long spinning time.

The long, simple shaft:
Even though fancy turnings, etc. on shafts may look pretty, they can interfere with getting cops off the spindle. This is a work tool and is beautiful in it's simplicity.

The comet design:
I had chemotherapy last year and still suffer from it's effects occasionally (chemo brain). Thank you for the comets spinning in the right direction. It seems so elementary, but, trust me, it really helps.

The smooth, flawless finish on the spindle:
Fibers can't get caught on it. Thank you for your concern and patience to finish your spindles so perfectly. It really matters.

So,Tracy, thanks to you, I now have a perfect spindle.

Used with the permission of Mary in California

Oct. 2013, TopW, 1.1 ounce Rabbits spindles

Hi, Tracy

Just gotta tell you--I love my bunny spindle. I'm trying to spin silk for the first time and the long spin time and smoothness of the spindle is making life so much easier than when I used my old spindle. Thanks for the warning and info on your website about the hook alignment. It makes a lot of sense the way you set it up--I wonder why it's not done more often.

Debbie in Fort Collins, Colo.

March 2012 Hearts TW 1.3 ounce and 1.6 ounce TW Angora Goats Rim style  

The spindles arrived safely yesterday and they are truly splendid. I was almost late to my knitting group because I had to try them both before leaving the house and I didn't want to stop. They both spin so effortlessly and you weren't kidding about the rim style - it is totally awesome! 

Even as poor a spinner as I am, I was able to get an astounding range of yarn weights on both spindles with some lovely merino/alpaca top. Fantastic. The precision with which you are able to cut out the the little goats is amazing and they are just so adorable. I also really love the hearts - such a simple design but just fantastic. I can't wait to take them to my next spin together and show them off. Wowza! Thank you so much!  : )

Susan in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jan. 2012  Hummingbirds spindles 1.0 ounce TopW and 1.5 ounce BW


I received my spindles yesterday.  They arrived in perfect condition.  I tested the top whorl as soon as I got it unpacked and that little "hummer" can spin!  I am 5'2" tall and I can spin almost my height in one twirl of the spindle, it just keeps on going...  It is wonderfully smooth and balanced. 

I did learn quite quickly that a smooth, gentle rubbing twirl works better than a snap one to set the spin, and that the minimum leader for a good spin with no wobble is about 10 inches.  I couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to using the bottom whorl as soon as I get enough single spun to ply. 

It was amazing how much finer I can spin with this spindle than I could with my daughter's dragon, I can only imagine the results in the hands of a seasoned spinner.  I use the rubber bands to weight the spindle when it is empty and remove them as the cop fills, this keeps the spindle feeling the same in my hands.  As a rank beginner, that is helpful.

Thanks so much for the beautiful art, they are a pleasure in my hands.

Used with permission from  "DragonWeaver" in Louisiana

Jan. 2012


I know I have said this many times, but the consistent spin on your 
spindles never ceases to amaze me.  Thank you for beautiful tools.

Permission give by Nancy from RI.  

Oct. 2011


I have a wonderful spindle collection that runs over 70 now but have never found a spindle like yours. Every time I pick one up it’s like coming home. I often teach people to spindle spin and loan them one of yours to learn on. I know I’m probably ruining them for life but I am sure that once they try spinning on a Woolly Design spindle they will love the process.

Permission granted by Pat from Bloomfield Hills, MI

Feb.2011 Top whorl Comets ultra light 12 grams.

I wanted to tell you how truly amazing the spindle that you sent to me is! The spin is fantastic, one twirl and it keep spinning all the way to the ground. My kid walked over the first day I got it, and even though she knits and spins herself, she asked, "What are you going to sew with that thread, Mom?" I've been spinning tussah silk on it, and it's just the best tool ever.

Thank you so much!

Used with the permission of Erica from California

Jan. 28, 2011

I am not sure if I told you that my Hummingbird rim style spindle is wonderfullll! It's a joy to spin with like my Comet spindle...which is why I am back for two more. I will have 4 once I receive these two. I am generally not a repeat customer in the handspindle area, but your spindles are so balanced and well-crafted. Thanks for loving what you do. 

Roxanne in Michigan

Nov. 2010 Top whorl "Solar System Spindle"

*OH ** MY***!!!

I have to tell you, I was _staggered_ when I opened the box and looked at the Solar System Spindle!  And I thought I knew pretty much what to expect! Every detail is amazing: the precision of the planetary diameters, the beautiful three dimensional appearance of Saturn, the lovely golden pin for Earth . . . I could go on, but I guess you already know what it looks like. <G> On top of the beauty of the ornamentation, the overall quality of the workmanship and efficiency of the design make this truly the most splendid tool I've ever seen.

Thank you so much for all the thought, work and care you put into this, it is very much appreciated.

I have had a chance to spin just a bit with the spindle, and it performs as beautifully as it looks <G>

If I ever make time to finish programming my website, my first entry will be a detailed review of the Solar System spindle. I'll let you know when it's live.

Used with permission and signed "Raven" in the US.

April 2010 Top whorl 20 gram Kokopelli and  20 gram Comets

I hope my email finds you well. I'm very pleased to let you know my spindles arrived and I am in heaven. I thought the spindles I already owned (by other well-known makers) were excellent but the two spindles you made for me are still spinning when they reach the floor. And they are so beautifully crafted. In one word ... they are PERFECT!

I'm really pleased I managed to get my order in before you closed the shop for the summer and I'll keep an eye out for when you start taking orders again because I definitely want another one.

Thank you again for making this transaction so incredibly smooth and I'll see you in the Fall.

Kindest regards,   Permission granted by Debi in Canada

1.5 ounce Hearts top whorl-- April 2010

I was out of town most of last week, and my son brought the package  inside when it arrived.  The box was the first thing I saw when I  came in, and I had to open it and try my new Hearts spindle right away.

Oh heavenly days!

The long, smooth spin!  The delightful feel to the hand!  Perfect balance! There is no fatigue factor to using it, even for long  spinning sessions.  This spindle exceeds my highest expectations and  I'll be glad to tell anybody so!

Thank you, you are truly a Master Spindle Maker!

I'm off to spin some more,

Used with permission from Victoria in Texas

"Stars and Moons" 1.7 ounce March 7, 2010

 Raven Brook letter.jpg (98722 bytes)
This complement is hand-written and was delivered by US Postal.  It is used here with full permission by it's author.

Angora Goats 0.7 ounce TW, Walnut under-rim March 12, 2010

With great "Tongue-in-cheek" this lovely lady proclaims:

 Barbara of New York, NY. hereby grants Tracy Eichheim (dba Woolly Designs) permission to use the following testimonial statement or any part thereof in advertising or promotional material for Tracy Eichheim and/or Woolly Designs, in all media including print and electronic.

Hi, Tracy--
The angora goat spindle arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I could not be more delighted. Good grief, that is one gorgeous piece of craftsmanship! I am astounded by the detail. I gave it a test drive with some merino and it worked beautifully. But since it has the goat motif, I guess it would be appropriate to feed it some mohair.  Thank you for the information about leaving the hook alone; otherwise I might have been tempted to tweak it.
Thanks again,

1.2 ounce "Flowers" TW rim style March 6, '10 

Tracy, I am in awe of the spin of my 1.2 oz flower rim spindle!  It  never ceases to amaze me that it spins and spins and spins.....  I am  spinning some targhee on it and it just flows, like breathing.  And the  low whorl dragon is still my favorite plying spindle.  The large whorl  holds a lot of yarn!
Thank you for such lovely tools.   Nancy

Used with the permission of Nancy from Providence, RI.

Oct. 2009 TW Rabbits 0.7 and 2.3 ounce Comets

Hi Tracy, they came today and I have just tried them out and I am thrilled to bits with them and can't wait to take them to my spinning group on Thursday and show them off. I absolutely love the rabbit one , the design is beautiful, you are a brilliant craftsman. The comet one is lovely also and spins fantastic. The rabbit one is especially special as I breed the angora rabbits. Entered my german angora at the Hobart show on Saturday and got a first place so was thrilled to bits with her. I If you like you may use my comments on your website and I will certainly recommend them to my friends, thankyou so much, they were definitely worth waiting for, bye for now,

Maree Hamming in Tasmania   www.marenikobunnies.com

38 gram TW Flowers Rim style March 31, '09

Hi Tracy,
I got your parcel today and was so excited unwrapping everything. The  spindle turned out truly lovely and I couldn't help but taking it for  a spin. It turns wonderful and soooooo very long. Wow. If I do a thigh roll while standing up the spindle still spins when it reaches the  floor - with my fiber hand raised way over my head, I might add! And  this really means quite something since I'm a measly 6 foot tall :o)

The spindle makes a lovely addition to my collection and I'm totally taken by the rim-style design. Thanks for your nice service and the great work.

Used with the permission of Susan from Germany

1.7 ounce TW Dragon (Hollow Whorl) , Jan. 8, '09

Tracy, I just have to send you a note to say that I LOVE the spindle.  It is my favorite one and spins like a dream.  You are a genius.  I'm very glad you are back in the shop and your work is very much appreciated  (no one knows that there's a dragon on the spindle when it's in motion, and that gives me great pleasure)<snip>

Thanks ever so much for your fine craftsmanship,

Complement used with permission of  Sue from Canada

Dec. 23, '08 Spiders Rim style ( TW,  39 grams, 1.4 ounce Target weight)

Subject:  WOW!
Hi Tracy,   I just received my spindle and it is wonderful!! Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but more importantly, it spins wonderfully! Wow, I just love it.
Take care and thank you so much for this awesome spindle.

-- used with permission from  Charlotte from Canada

Hi Tracy,     I would be thrilled for you to use my words :D   You may do with them what you like. I have not stopped spinning on my spindle since picking it up from the post office. I am just loving it. I am spinning some Polwarth on it, and if I do say so myself, my singles are just lovely!    Thanks       Charlotte

Hearts spindle 1.2 ounce T.W. , Sept. 8, '08

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to drop you an email regarding your Hearts spindle.  I bought the last one that Amy at Spunky Eclectic had- a 1.2oz one- and it has quickly become my favorite spindle.  It spins forever and is perfectly balanced... I wish I had thought to try your spindles earlier to get more than just the one.

Thank you for the hard work you put into them... they are amazing!

"Compliment used with the permission of Sara from Maine, USA"

"Spiders" Ultralight, Sept. 3, '08

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your wonderful spindles. I bought a spider ultralite from Amy at Spunky Eclectic a couple of months back and I absolutely love it. Just finished off my first skein using the spindle - 800 yds of laceweight - this morning.

The spindle is almost a perpetual motion machine! It is a great little spindle and I wish I had bought more of yours from Amy when she had them in stock. I'm really wanting a dragon spindle! Love the design. Can't wait until you start production again. Thanks again!

Compliment used with the permission of David from Sydney, Australia

TW Angora Goats 1.7 ounce, Comets 0.9 ounce and Walnut Hearts 1.3 ounce
July '08  Sent to France

Your spindles arrived yesterday, safe and sound. And how  beautiful they are and spin! I'm especially impressed by how  long they go on spinning before reversing direction, and by how slowly that reversal happens.

Used with the permission of Klara from France

Top whorl, Angora Goats 1.8 ounce Rim style with 12 inch stem, Feb. 4, ' 08

WOW.  Wow.  WOW.

Needs brakes, or I need longer arms, or as my mom suggested, I need to try spinning from a balcony or the top of the stairs ;-)

 I've put over an ounce of purchased superwash on it already, and I can't wait to try my Black Welsh Mt fleece on it (the sheep are still wearing it, it's still cold here!)

Thanks a bunch, I'll be back for more!
Used with permission from Andrea         www.arare-breed.net

1.0 ounce "Hearts" TW  April 14, '07


 My very highest compliments to you and for your craftsmanship; you make me look like I'm an expert.  Absolutely the best spindle I've ever tried.

I'll be back for more of your expertise -

Used with permission from Janet in Alabama

"Hearts" TW spindle, Mar.8, '07

PS. I am spinning some hand-dyed corriedale on my hearts production spindle and I just had to say again how much I *love* your spindles. They spin so well and so long that I actually have to *stop* them from spinning , sometimes before they stop on their own.

Used with the permission of Catharine Decker

Nhewyt's Dragon spindle March 1, '07

Hi Tracy,

I received my 1.7 oz. Nhewyt's Dragon spindle a few days ago, and finally had the time to give it a good spin yesterday. It's AMAZING!!! It spins true and it spins forever -- every time I checked to see if it was still going, it was still spinning, far longer than any other spindle I've used. I actually had to stop it a couple times because my yarn was getting so long that the spindle was going to touch the floor. And it spun a really fine yarn, too, almost as fine as my 1/2 oz. hummingbird spindle. I absolutely love the dragon design and the fact that the spindle is hollow. I've shown the Nhewyt's Dragon spindle to several fiber friends and the repeated comment is "wow!" Thank you soooo much for creating these works of art that spin so incredibly well.

-- fiber.nut.gal--
P.S. Feel free to use my comments -- I know I gushed, but it's the truth!

0.5 ounce Top whorl Hummingbird spindle. Jan. 5, '07

Dear Tracy,

I bought a top whorl hummingbird spindle from you (#41, signed, dated 2005, weighing 1/2 ounce) at the Wool Market in Estes Park, CO. I never thought I would actually be skilled enough to use it, but I loved the hummingbird design and had never seen such a light spindle before. Well, I just finished spinning some of the finest alpaca yarn and I am so pleased at how the spindle you created performed for me. The balance was wonderful and it just spun and spun, forever it seemed. This is such a fine spindle that I am very protective of it. It is a joy to use a tool that is both totally functional and totally beautiful. I look forward to purchasing other spindle designs you have created.

Thank you.

Used with permission from "Deirdre"

1.6 ounce top whorl "Hearts" spindle Nov. 11, '06

The spindle arrived today and all I can say is "Wow!"

It is a beautiful little tool but not only is it beautiful, it spins like nothing else I have ever experienced!! For the longest time I simply thought that spindle spinning was supposed to be "hard" and that I would never "get" it. But after I got your spindle out of the box, I leaned against the wall and spun and spun, and spun until my cat came and tried to pounce on the spindle. I cannot believe how easily it spun, and how fast!!!

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful spindle- I travel a lot and I now know that my long waits at the airport will be made way, way, way, more joyful thanks to this spindle. I am so happy that I can now travel and take my spinning along.


Used with permission from Angela Tarango

0.8 ounce bottom whorl Hummingbirds spindle Oct. 28, '06

Tracy the compliments are not flattery....I speaka the truth...have spindles from different makers and yours is hands down the best I have ever used. You can tell that you love what you do, it shows in your work!!!

Used with the permission of Syd

  Nhewyt's Dragon spindle June 27, '06

  PS  My daughter is really enjoying her dragon spindle she bought from you   (well, actually from Jean) at the Wool Market.  She was spinning standing on the couch because it just keeps going.  Excellent.

  Used with permission from Mary

StarLite Comets (May 27, '06)
"I haven't found another spindle that can touch it in terms of performance."

(The 'Knitterguy' blog is here: http://knitterguy.typepad.com   )

April 5, '06 -- Moon and Stars
Dear Tracy,       My name is Kristi Sturgeon and I recently bought one of your incredible drop spindles.  It was being sold on consignment, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I already have another drop spindle and a wheel, but this was just so unique.  I used it for the first time today and it is the best thing that I have ever spun with!  It spins absolutely straight (no wobbling at all), and it spins forever leaving plenty of time for the draw. The one I bought is one of the hollow whorls--moon and stars design.  I just adore it and cannot wait to use it more. <snip>   Again, thank you for your amazing artistry.   Sincerely,   Kristi Sturgeon

March 23, '06 ----Hummingbirds rim style ----

I received my spindle yesterday and I just had to write. Not only is she beautiful but she spins and spins. I have to stop her because my arms can't go any higher. I am so pleased with her. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship and hard work you put into it. It really shows. It was money well spent on my part and I would not hesitate to order again. The spindle was worth the wait. I'd rather wait for a great spindle then get a so so one quickly        Maureen

March 29, '05  Hearts spindle... 1.5 ounce...

The spindles came today. They are great! I can spin a long, long arm's length of thread without re-starting or backspinning. I didn't know it was possible to do that with a spindle, but other people had recommended your work, and I'm so glad they did.    <snip>    Thank you so much. You make a superb spindle, and I am quite sure I'll be ordering from you again when I need a new spindle. I'm pretty intrigued with the StarLite ones, now that I've seen how much more pleasant spindle spinning can be with a good spindle. I know this is sounding kind of like some infomercial testimonial, which is a little embarrassing, but honestly, I'm blown away by how much easier it is to spin on the spindle you made.

Thanks again. -------------------------------

Nov. 24, '05 -- Hello Tracey Found your web site by accident and was very pleased to see you are busy making spindles again! I bought one about 5 years ago in Estes Park when visiting and it is one of my treasured possessions which is much envied by my fellow spinners!

Good Luck for the future, Eira ***** from a very cold, damp and miserable England!

May 13, '04 -- ..... The ancient BC whorl was indeed a high-whorl. At that time and in the Eastern Mediterranean area almost all spindles were high-whorl spindles. And, yes, they did indeed have hooks. Very similar to the ones you use for the spindles you create. --- Which are the most productive modern spindles I’ve yet to see. Your whorls sustain a spin, which is the most important function of the whorl. I’ve often wished you could travel or teach the techniques you have discovered so that everyone who spins on a spindle can work with such ease.--- Ken

Mar. 15, '04 -- Hi, Tracy -- The Spiders Spindle just arrived. What a thing of beauty it is! It's the prettiest spindle I've ever seen -- no exaggeration. I won't be able to spin with it until I get it home this evening, but you know exactly what I'll be doing as soon as I walk in my door. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for an object of such elegance, whimsical humor (spiders, after all -- and black widows at that!), and graceful lines.

-----------------------------------Next message -----------------------------------

So after dinner, while we were still at the table, I pulled out the Spiders, pre-drafted a few yards of wool, gave her a flick -- and was in awe. It was like I'd been driving Volkswagen Beetles until then and suddenly I was driving a Rolls Royce. Don't get me wrong, I love VW Bugs and learned to drive stick on one, but a Rolls -- well, you understand.

Then my husband, who knows much more than I about such things as wood craft, looked at the spindle and let out a low whistle. "This is beautiful," he said, "and extremely well made. And it's not easy to do." Then my 4-year-old son reached for the spindle; my husband handed it to him slowly and said, "Be careful -- this is a work of art."

So, Master Artist, many thanks once more for this extraordinary gem. --Robin

Hi Tracy & Jean  (April 26, '04)

  I have been admiring your spindles! They are fabulous.... Sorry I am trying to downsize at this time but you never know. Spinners NEVER have enough fiber, wheels, or spindles. I was wondering if you could PRETTY PLEASE, settle an discussion several of us are having. I say your make your spindles (cut out patterns and ornaments) using a scroll saw but...... 8-).... another person said they are done on a CNC! A huge machine...... so IF you don't mind telling a total stranger 'we' would sure appreciate it...  Your web site is great! Lots of information... Louise

Hi ,

You are correct, **they** are wrong! <very big grin


I cut the images for the ornaments and the drop spindles by hand, on a scroll saw, very slowly, using a very fine blade, working under a circular fluorescent lit magnifying lens.

If I screw up and slip with the blade..... I throw it away and lose however much time has been put into that particular cut.

We regularly hear comments as people pass our wool festival booth, "Laser cut" and those people are stunned to learn the truth. Lasers always leave a burn blackened edge from the cut, a scroll saw (as you probably know) cuts away the wood leaving smooth fresh wood.

Please feel free to let those 'others' know my answer ....... and you have my permission to GLOAT! <wide smile>


March 2001

Just for your interest, I was teaching my 70+ mother to spin yesterday.  I tried using the beginning spindle that I learned on, but she just was so frustrated with the yarn breaking, and her arm was very tired.  As a last effort I got out the starlite comet and she immediately improved and seemed to enjoy the experience more.  She is now in possession of the comet so I need another one.

June 2000

Oooooh, Sir Spindle, you have done it again! I got my Starlight Comet on Thursday and have already spun quite a bit of Cormo on it.  Actually it came some time while were away at our cabin.

I have NEVER used a spindle that spun so long.  It is still spinning when I have to stop it to wind on the yarn.  The balance is sooo perfect I can't believe it!  Thank you so much for making this little wonder.

---- Lambs Rim style, Hummingbirds Overlay and Kokopelli Rim style ---

July 26, 2000 --Dear Tracy, I want you to know how much I'm enjoying the spindles you made for me. I took my first spinning lesson Saturday at a local yarn (knitting) shop. I used a spindle which they provided during the class and I have been spinning with your spindles at home. Besides being beautiful, your spindles spin. The spindle I used in class gave me a lot of trouble - it didn't spin very long and then reversed. The hardest thing for me right now is drafting and my Woolly Design spindles spin til they touch the ground giving me the time I need to learn to draft. Has anyone ever had a contest for the longest spinning spindle?

When the package arrived, my husband watched as I opened it. He doesn't know the technical aspects of making a spindle and he kept picking them up and looking at them. Usually (I can set my watch to it) he says, "I can make that." He didn't. I caught him looking at them one too many times and had to put them away. I wouldn't be very happy if he dropped one. You may think I'm crazy but when I spin outside, I put a blanket in front of me in case I drop it. I love my spindles..thank you for making them for me.    Dianne

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