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I would just like to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your sheep. I am in Australia and we have LOTS of sheep here.. As a young girl growing up on a farm, I have had my share of sheep and their stories. I am still crying as I type this to you...crying after only just reading about Eagle aka Old Man. I laughed and cried. I would have loved him I am sure....

To me, sheep are not the stupid morons so many claim them to be, as your wonderful stories have shown.

I remember rather fondly one particular ewe named Woolly. I was perhaps 5 years old living in a country town in New South Wales  and she was my introduction to the wonderful world of sheep loving. She was grown up when my father brought her home, my little brother was just a toddler and I was more interested in the sheep than a smelly baby - as you can imagine!

I was fascinated by her and even though my memory doesn't retain every detail from that long ago - I am 48 now - I still remember Woolly. She had babies too and it was a sight to see them born as well.

I remember I was always getting into trouble for taking her for 'walks' SHE wanted to go and I wanted to go, so we did...Side by side for our walks around the suburban neighbourhood. I was not aware at the time that "sheep are not pets" She was living IN our yard, so why wasn't she a pet? ha-ha

I used to swing off her neck, try to brush her - that proved almost impossible and she didn't have 'fur' as I used to call it - she would lay on the ground and I would sit on her. I remember her being a VERY big ewe really big compared to a 5 year old girl. Might have been all the wool on here? ha-ha

I loved her like she was a dog and she lived with us till I was about 9 if I remember. Then we [mum and us kids] just "left" one day....I do know that the lady next door took her and she lived there till I was 15. I came back to visit and Woolly had only just died not long before. She was buried along side Fluffy the cat in her yard.

Over the years and growing up into adulthood, I have had a couple small 'farmlets' as I call them. I have always had some sheep [and chickens] and I have always been tempted to call one of them Woolly. I never have though, I couldn't replace her now could I?

I REALLY love your site!!!
Woolly was a Poll Merino
Here is a link to the breeds we have in Aus

Thank you SO much for your site, I will be sure and send it to all my kids as they will enjoy reading about your precious ones and hopefully they will remember their "sheep" childhoods fondly.

Oh and not to forget Fidget either........Fluffy was very similar in personality to Fidget...



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