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Hiya Tracy and Jean,

I'm sure the infamous Peppi-le-Pue would be wrapt to have his poem in memorium on the internet, so please take this as permission to use it -if you can find a spot.

My sister Dereta has a hobby farm on the western side of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Australia. She has a penchant for taking on difficult animals that no-one else wants, and befriending them. Such was Peppi-le-Pue - a cantankerous billy goat, whose crafty, slightly-crazed gaze could quickly sum up the next victim for a headbutt. He had the better of most of us, except Dereta, who had mastered the most hair-raising horses through Parelli horsemanship.

One day,when Dereta was out, her two adorable hounds,Edwina and Patsy, decided to take on Peppi.Probably to get him back for all those times they'd been head-butted into the electric fence. He was quite wounded and though Dereta lovingly tended his wounds for several weeks, age and karma were not on his side, and he passed on. So this is a tribute to him, because though most of us feared him, she did love him.

Oh, by the way, to satisfy your curiosity about how I got to your site - I was out in the garden about a week ago right on sunset, and there was a huge eagle-shaped cloud in the sky. I thought, with a shudder, of the Eagle (America) tearing up it's victims in Bhagdad. Pottering about a bit more, I looked up again and saw the same cloud had turned into the shape of a ram's head. All thick and woolly. Ah, the eagle and the ram, I thought. I wonder what that would turn up on the internet? So I plugged it in on Google search, and up came your site. I'm rather fond of animals, and miss my life on the farm, so I enjoyed reading your stories.

Best wishes,  Melanie,  Byron Bay, NSW.

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Old Peppi-le-Pue, though liked by few

Was shrewd to choose a heart so true -

To love him sagely, and feed him daily,

And nurse his wounds, ole Peppi-le-Pue


His crazed goat eyes were no disguise

For a brain so shrew, old Peppi-le Pue.

Knew folk to the letter, that’s why Dereta

Won his heart’s first choice, old Peppi-le-Pue


He knew she could match him,

And even outwit him -

To his faults not blind, yet heart ever kind,

Was Dereta to him, old Peppi-le-Pue


So dear God, please rest him, where goats go

And bless him, in a field of greeniest green,

One day he may come back, as beastie or lumberjack,

And live life all over again.


By Melanie Dolinski, for Dereta’s dear old goat, now   in greener pastures

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