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...........This is a short little story contributed by Gaybeth Phelps after she read "Sheep Tales" #4 'Stupid?'

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And in return I will share a STUPID BUNNY STORY with you . . .

Your "Stupid?" Sheep tale made me think of it-

Sometimes it is the humans who have a hard time catching on with these little critters. That is of course until we learn how to understand them and they are usually patient with us until we catch on. I experienced this with a little English Angora bunny rabbit who we had adopted last May.

Springer Softail came to live with us when he was just three months old. Every evening when we would come home from work and allow him to come out of his cage for a "romp", he would leave us coa coa puffs on the sofa in the living room. "No, no, no" we would say and quickly pick him up and toss him back into the cage so that he would learn coa coa puffs were not acceptable on the living room furniture.

After a while the coa coa puff game began to get exciting. Springer would wait for mom and dad to leave, quickly deposit coa coa puffs randomly on the sofa and run away before they could catch us in the act.

Dad would get up to turn off a light and upon return - poof . . . another coa coa puff right on the center of the cushion! When they would come in the room with the reliable whisk broom and dispose of them we would quickly return and redeposit the little coa coa puffs so that there was always at least one to remind them that that is where the coa coa puffs go . . . NOT in the cage!

After a few weeks of this, Springer's Grandma, a very wise lady, said, "Why don't you get Springer a litter box? He may like that better. He probably doesn't want poo poos in his cage.

(Why didn't we think of that?!?) We made the investment. A $1.29 for a dish pan and .89 cents for the Kitty Litter. We carefully selected a secluded spot in the kitchen. The next evening we watched carefully . . ..

Hubby was quick to intervene and quickly grabbed bunny and the coa coa puffs and threw both gently and simultaneously in to the litter box.

We have never had a problem since and bunny happily uses the new accommodations to her hearts content! (Except for the day mom substituted cedar chips for litter - they were too precious and we would not poop on them! Now we're back to kitty litter again and all is well.)


That's right! Springer was deposited at the Veterinarian's to be neutered. It turn's out that a complete hysterectomy was in her future!

I bet she has a good many other secrets that she wishes we would catch on to . . . Humans are SOOOOO STUPID!

Thank you Gaybeth Phelps

Angora Rabbit fur is incredibly soft, is often blended with other fibers and can be spun into yarns of exquisite loft and feel.

Rabbits are not shorn, but the soft fur is 'plucked' as the rabbit sits quietly on a grooming stand. We have known of instances where the rabbit would turn and lightly nip the spinner for getting a little too rough when 'plucking'.

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