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  More pictures of
     the "MILLIE" Spinning wheel

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ChairMillieSax_small.jpg Compare the Millie with a Majacraft Saxonie and Majacraft "Rose" spinning chair.

Majacraft's newest spinning wheel model "Millie" is fitted with spherical bearings and an aluminum, true double acting crank shaft assembly.

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Made of a native New Zealand wood called "Rimu" the beautiful reddish color is brought out with a clear lacquer finish.

With clean lines and graceful legs, this spinning wheel will fit right in, whether at home or at the office.
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Sealed bearings (no oiling EVER!) in the spinning head and flywheel give you a smooth, trouble free spinning wheel.

Maja's oiling recommendation is to put a drop of oil on the treadle hinges ONCE a YEAR, and a drop or two of oil on the single open crank shaft bearing ONCE or TWICE a YEAR!

"Partially assembled" gets you spinning in a hurry.

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pinkdot.gif (930 bytes) .... Oct. 20, '99 Majacraft has set the "Suggested U.S. Retail" price at $375, but that may change due to an impending increase in freight costs. Please contact me at the e-mail listed below for current prices .... pinkdot.gif (930 bytes)

  We will only accept "Paypal" for purchases under $10.00  We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, all payable in U.S. Dollars.

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