Medium Density Fiber board

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The new '"Standard Suzie" flywheel looks like this:suzie-flywheel2.jpg (17257 bytes)

and you can see the thin plastic veneer and the smooth MDF core.

Majacraft's previous standard Suzie flywheel (I call them the "Wood look" flywheel) were created by gluing 1/4 inch thick pieces of Rimu wood to each face of a man made material called "MDF".   The "Professional" model flywheel (I call them the "Green" model), is made entirely of MDF.   MDF stands for "Medium Density Fiberboard", and it is composed of wood particles embedded in a resin (glue) matrix.   It is fairly hard, dense, and moderately heavy.  Most people are familiar with common "Particle board", and soft "Construction fiber board" (occasionally used for "bulletin boards"), and have the wrong impression when they hear that MDF stands for "Medium Density Fiberboard". 

Below you will see pictures that will show the inside of a Majacraft flywheel and compares two samples (from our local lumber yard) of Common Particle board and MDF.   You will notice that the MDF is much finer grained, and smoother.  MDF is heavier and more stable because the voids between the particles of wood in the MDF are filled with resin, and the resin is a higher quality glue than that used in common Particle board.
(Nov. 20 '00 Picture error correction thanks to the sharp eyes of Kevin W.)

wpe8.jpg (11226 bytes)
wpe8.jpg (8484 bytes)
Cut flywheels
Medium Density Fiberboard comparison

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